Cheryl's Childcare

Cheryl Nelson
Cheryl has earned a 3 Star Rating from Parent Aware.


Infant Openings: No

Toddler Openings: Yes - August 2017

Pre-School Openings: Yes

School-Age Openings: No


Outdoor Play Area: Yes

Sandbox: No

Fenced Yard: Yes

Indoor Pets: Yes-Dog

Outdoor Pets: No


Days of the Week: M-F


Location: Shakopee

498 Ash Street
Shakopee, MN
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School District

District No.720
Red Oak and SACS

Contact Information

Email address:

Phone: 612-387-3347

More About My Family Child Care:

My family child care is committed to providing a clean, loving, safe, affordable, high quality and developmentally appropriate environment for the children of the local community in a home setting, free from restriction of institutional care. I value diversity and welcome children regardless of race, gender, religion or disability.

Self-confidence and positive learning experiences during the early years are vital elements to a child's future in school. It is so important for children to feel confident in their abilities and accomplishments no matter how small. Whether it is pedaling a bike for the first time or learning how to write their name, children should feel proud of a job well done. I believe children learn through active exploration and play and that self-esteem is built on mutual respect between us all. As your partner in caring for your child/children, my interactions with you the parent is as important as my interaction with your child/children.

I believe that a quality childcare provider never sits back with ease and accepts that there is no more room for improvement. No matter how wonderful the program is or how well trained the provider, there is always more that can be done. A quality provider constantly evaluates his/her program, the children, the community needs and his/herself. They also never are finished learning about his/her work. Every day we learn through experience, but it is also our responsibility to stay current on issues relating to child care and development by attending conferences/training opportunities, joining professional groups, reading journals, etc. Through these resources a provider can grow and change to adapt to each child in his/her care.

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I live in an area with no thru streets so there is very little traffic.
Please e-mail me for qualifications, accreditations and training hours.