SIDS and Accidental Death Support for the Family Child Care Provider

Confronting the tragedy of infant and child death from the perspective of the family child care provider or center caregiver is a life changing experience. Most resources are readily available to the parents while the provider often seems excluded from the process. As a provider, we grieve and experience the death on a highly personal level, often not recognized by licensing and authorities who are part of the investigation and follow up. This website is designed to be a support for the provider/caregiver. The purpose of this site is to allow providers to access resources available to them in Minnesota and empower the grieving provider to reach out to the support groups and resources available to her/him.

Minnesota SIDS Center Contact Information:

Children's Hospitals and Clinics of MN
2525 Chicago Avenue South
MS 50-216 S
Minneapolis, MN 55404
612-813-6285 or 1-800-732-3812
Link to Children's Hospital SIDS Information

The Family Child Care Provider/Peer Support

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  • The Family of the Infant or Child
  • First Responders, Law Enforcement, Fire & Ambulance
  • Hospital & Emergency Personnel
  • Investigative Personnel
  • Coronors & Medical Examiners
  • Spiritual Advisors and Funderal Directors
  • Community Health Nurses & Social Workers
  • Extended Family, Caregivers and Co-Workers

    • The Association of SIDS and Infant Mortality Programs (ASIP) published a document in 2001 entitled The Unexpected Death of an Infant or Child: Standards for Services to Families. Kathleen Fernbach of the Minnesota SIDS Foundation was instrumental in the development of the original document.

      The Family Child Care Provider/Peer Support Resources

      Standards and the Family Child Care Provider/Center Caregiver

      What to Expect When the 911 Call is Made

      • ASIP Standards Appendix C ASIP Model of Case Management
      • When SIDS Happens in Scott County MN

      Peer Support

      • ASIP Standard for Peer Support
      • The Impact of SIDS on a Child Care Provider
      • From a Child Care Provider's Point of View

      Brochures for Caregivers

      • Brochure on SIDS and the Child Care Provider
      • Brochure on SIDS and the Child Care Provider Spanish
      • Brochure on SIDS and the Child Care Provider Hmong

      Support and Counseling From Agencies

      • ASIP Standard for Support and Counseling from Agencies
      • Children Grief and Loss Support Kits - Scott & Carver Counties
      Sorry, Kits only available to residents of Scott and Carver Counties in MN
      These kits are only available to child care providers and parents who live or work in Scott or Carver Counties of Minnesota. If you live outside of this area and have questions about how the kit is used or the contents please contact Marie Johnson at CAP Agency, CCR&R Coordinator, 712 Canterbury Road, Shakopee, MN 55379 952-402-9824

      Links to Websites

      • Minnesota SIDS Center - Children's Hospital
      • California SIDS Center

      History of the SIDS/Accidental Death Project
      Scott County experienced the death of two infants in licensed family child care homes. This created an awareness of the need for more support to providers, children and families who experience a tragedy such as the sudden death of an infant due to an accident or SIDS. Another goal of the project was to educate providers, parents and professionals of any resources available to make the cause of death investigation, responses, support, and information available to make the experience as supportive as is possible under the circumstances to all involved. Providers have expressed the feeling of helpless and being lost in seeking resources to help them deal with the experience they hope no other provider ever has to deal with. A committee was formed within the Scott-Carver Child Care Advisory Council under the direction of Marie Johnson to listen to concerns of providers who have experienced SIDS and brainstorm what could be done to provide a “provider support system” for family child care providers. A small grant from the MN Child Care Service Development grants was secured to use toward presenting the findings and recommendations of this committee. Beth Mork, Former Family Child Care Provider from Champlin, MN and consultant, was contracted to put together a research and heart based approach of support for the family child care provider.