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  • Child Care Aware of Minnesota
  • Achieve (Minnesota Center for Professional Development)
  • Center for Inclusive Child Care
  • Child/Adult Ratios
  • Child/Adult Ratios and worksheet
  • Child Care Enrichment Programs
  • Child Care Rates- LeSueur and Sibley Counties
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  • Human Services Licensing - 245A Statute
  • Lending Kits from the CAP Agency
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  • Minnesota's Knowledge and Competency Framework for Early Childhood Professionals - Family Child Care KFC Overview
  • Minnesota Parents Know Website
  • MN Licensed Family Child Care Association
  • National Association of Family Child Care
  • Parent Aware Program (Learn)
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  • Reliafund
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  • Scott County Licensing Process
  • Think Small - Child Care Aware Metro Site
  • Tom Copeland
  • Tom Copeland's Blogs
  • Web Sites: Resources & Curriculum on line


  • CPR and First Aid
  • Membership Form: Renewal & New
  • Milk Moola Fundraiser
  • New Provider Class Family Child Care Pathways to Success
  • Provider of the Year Nomination Form
  • Provider Honoree Portfolio 2009-Present
  • Provider Outstanding Volunteer Portfolio
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  • SCLFCCA Board Meetings
  • Training Offered by SCLFCCA....DEVELOP approved
  • Web Site Update Form
  • Week of the Family Child Care Provider Honorees 1989-Present


  • DHS Admissions & Arrangement Form 11-2013
  • DHS Physician Directive for Alternative Infant Sleep Position July 2013
  • DHS Parental Consent for Swaddling an Infant July 2013
  • DHS Wading Pool/Swimming Pool
  • Family Child Care Liability Insurance Notice
  • Immunization Form 12-2013
  • Infant Rolling Form
  • Monthy Crib Safety Inspection Form 7-2014
  • Monthly Fire and Storm Drill Log 7-2014 (p.2)
  • Permission to Administer
  • Renewal Licensing Forms Scott County
  • Your Child's Safety in Licensed Family Child Care - Rule Summary for Parents
  • Form to Determine Child Openings


  • SIDS and Accidental Death Support for the Family Child Care Provider

    Confronting the tragedy of infant and child death from the perspective of the family child care provider or center caregiver is a life changing experience. Most resources are readily available to the parents while the provider often seems excluded from the process. As a provider, we grieve and experience the death on a highly personal level, often not recognized by licensing and authorities who are part of the investigation and follow up. This website is designed to be a support for the provider/caregiver. The purpose of this site is to allow providers to access resources available to them in Minnesota and empower the grieving provider to reach out to the support groups and resources available to her/him.

    Minnesota SIDS Center Contact Information:

    Children's Hospitals and Clinics of MN
    2525 Chicago Avenue South
    MS 50-216 S
    Minneapolis, MN 55404
    612-813-6285 or 1-800-732-3812
    Link to Minnesota SIDS Center

    The Family Child Care Provider/Peer Support Resources

    SIDS/Accidental Death
    Shaken Baby Video Link
    "Portrait of Promise"

  • Flu Resources/Information
  • Scott County Licensed Family Child Care Association PO Box 42 Shakopee, MN 55379